Individual & Relational Counselling

Ron Wyse: Cross-cultural, Education, Interests


     Although I was born here in Canada, I've lived and worked on three continents: Hong Kong; Zimbabwe, Africa; and here in Canada. My wife originally came from Hong Kong, and as a result I worked there for a while and still occasionally visit. All of this means that I've had at least one foot firmly planted in other cultures for over half my life!

     There are many ways in which we can live in different worlds, and all of this life experience helps me in understanding a variety of people. 


     I work as a Registered Psychotherapist here in Ontario. I am also a Marriage & Family Therapist (RMFT), being a Clinical Fellow of the Ontario Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (OAMFT).

     Beyond this, I have lots of education and work experience which relates to counselling. If these are interesting to you, read on (if not, you can just skip these two paragraphs!).

     At both the master and the doctoral levels I have extensive training in both Counselling and in Biblical Studies. In the early part of our marriage I taught Biblical Studies (at the university level) overseas in both Hong Kong, and (mainly) in Zimbabwe, Africa.

     While we were in Africa I began & completed a doctorate on Proverbs & Counselling. I did the Doctor Divinitatis (DD) at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. In that part of the worl, this degree is senior to the purely academic PhD since it combines both the academic and the practical training. Prior degrees include the Master of Divinity (Tyndale Seminary, Toronto; Counselling Major) and a Master of Theology (Regent College, Vancouver; Thesis in Proverbs/Wisdom Literature). 

Writing & Other Interests

     In 2005 I completed my first book: "Beyond Survival: Marriage and the Quest for Paradise". I also contributed to the best selling book "Hot Apple Cider" (edited by Lindquist & Nelles; 2008).

     Since I value alternate perspectives and encompassing views, I'm dedicated to focused research and reading. I'm also a fan of guitar breaks, strategic retreats with my wife, and life-conversations with our now adult kids.

About Therapy

     My goal in counselling is to help bring clarity, healing and growth into the lives of my clients. We can work on a range of areas in our counselling sessions. These include concerns about any of the following: relationships, behaviour, thoughts and beliefs, emotions, and more.

     As a therapist I am committed to professional excellence in the procedure and goals of counselling, and to being informed about areas related to it.

     As a Christian therapist I operate within a broad Christian worldview informed by Scripture, as well as Christian faith, experience and reflection. I was raised in a Canadian Evangelical context, but seek to be informed by the historical and developing Christian thought.

     I see how complex the world is, how vast yet limited is our knowledge of it; even putting experience into words is a challenge! However, we can all experience healing and growth throughout our lives, no matter what we've been through.

Ethics, Safety, Goals

     I adhere to the "Code of Ethics of the American/Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy."

     All counselling-related files are securely and confidentially maintained. You have a right to review or have a copy of any information that is contained in your client file.

     We will work towards figuring out our counselling goals within the first few sessions, if not in our first one. We will also review these every 6 - 8 sessions, to make sure we're on track for your objectives.

     To assist in this process, each session I'll have you complete an Outcome Rating Scale (ORS: about how your week has been with respect to your counselling concerns) and Session Rating Scale (SRS: how the session has helped you, and what may help more). This will help us both know if we are on track with your concerns. It can also help you to consolidate the gains made session by session.

     You may end therapy at any time. However, bringing counselling to a close is best done by having a final "Wrap up" session; this helps us to review the gains made, as well as considering ways of keeping positive progress happening.


     1 Valleywood Drive, Suite 301, Markham L3R 5L9

     The office is north-east of 404/407; at Woodbine Ave, three lights north of Hwy #7.


     Call or email for appointment times (see Contact Information). I am available weekdays (daytime, evenings) and Saturdays.